What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use? [2021 Edition]

Shroud is also one of the most famous online gamers, with his YouTube and Twitch gaming streams attracting millions of viewers.

Shroud’s impressive performance is a manifestation of a perfect blend between talent and an advanced gaming set-up. Professional gamers tend to spend most of their time seated, and that’s why it is invaluable for them to have gaming chairs built to offer maximum comfort and support.

Most gamers suffer from back pain and soreness from long hours of sitting. Having a well-designed gaming chair will offer you much needed lumbar support as well as comfort and protection from soreness after long hours of gaming.

What gaming chair does Shroud use?

Shroud now uses the Aeron gaming chair by Herman Miller as an upgrade from his previous gaming chair Maxnomic.

His current gaming chair comes with several improvements, including fully adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and adjustable neck support which effectively protects you from back pains and soreness from prolonged gaming.

Key features:

  • Materials: Recycled Material, alloy steel frame
  • Max weight capacity: 355 Pounds
  • Max height capacity: 6.8”
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 18 x 45 H inches
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degree
  • Warranty: 12 years warranty

The Aeron chair by Herman Miller is currently Shroud’s gaming chair after his recent upgrade from the Maxnomic chair.

This intelligently designed chair has all the features needed to offer you unmatched comfort under extended gaming durations of up to 12 hours!

Shroud’s gaming chair features a tilt lumbar support, which facilitates range adjustment at any of its three supported positions.

It also features a tension control system that allows the user to set the magnitude of effort required to comfortably recline.

One of the greatest features of Shroud’s chair is its adjustable lumbar support made of detached pads that can be easily repositioned and adjusted to give a perfect spin fit. This feature allows the Aeron gaming chair to offer support and comfort to users of different body shapes and sizes.

This chair is made of durable recycled material that can handle a maximum load of 350 pounds.

The chair comes with fully adjustable arms and a seat angle adjustment knob that conveniently allows you to change the seat angle from a neutral to an engaged position.

Even though the Aeron gaming chair is a great gaming chair featuring excellent performance and safety features, it is highly overpriced, retailing for about $1,300 – $1,600.

If you are looking to maximize the value of your money or you have a limited budget, perhaps this isn’t your best fit as you can easily find other equally great gaming chairs with almost half of its price!

Maxnomic Cloud 9 Shroud Chair
Maxnomic Cloud 9 Chair

Key features:

  • Materials: Metal, PU leather
  • Weight Capacity: 176 Pounds
  • Height capacity: 5’9″
  • Dimensions: 19.6 (W) x 20.8 (D) x 53.9 (H) inches
  • Lumbar & headrest pillows: Yes
  • Armrests: 4D
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty on chairs and parts

The Maxnomic gaming chair is also one of the most famous Shroud’s chairs known to be used by popular professional gamers and streamers, including Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, Timthetatman, Tfue, and many more.

Thanks to its considerably lower price, it’s an ideal choice for any pro gamer or otherwise.

This chair is known for its uniquely elegant design with a finish of synthetic suede and incredibly compelling orange seams which makes it a beauty to behold.

Looks aside, this gaming chair is also known to be one of the strongest gaming chairs featuring a high-quality aluminum base that is wide and sturdy enough to provide sufficient support.

This product’s design also has a finger rest feature that offers gamers a comfy way of relaxing their fingers in between game breaks. It also has a ton of performance features that guarantee you unmatched neck and lumbar protection and comfort.

When it comes to a height adjustment, the Maxnomic gaming chair supports eight different height adjustments which make it a great gaming chair for people of all sizes.

This gaming chair also has upholstered fittings on its backrest as well as its sitting surface, giving you maximum support and comfort over long hours of intense gaming.

We recommend this gaming chair to any gamer who is keen on performance and comfort as this product has what it takes to offer you the ultimate gaming experience at an affordable price.

This chair can be used by both entry-level as well as professional gamers.

Alternative to Shroud’s Gaming Chair

Now you know what chair does Shroud use? Let’s now take a look at some of the best alternatives to Shroud’s chairs.

Even though they feature as alternatives, these chairs are not only budget-friendly but they also outperform most high-end chairs in terms of comfort and features.

  • Material: Steel frame, PVC leather, Hign-density foam, Plastic
  • Product dimensions: 20.47 x 22.44 x 50 inches
  • Lumbar and headrest pillow: yes
  • Adjustable backrest: 85-190 degree
  • Max weight capacity: 265 Pounds
  • Warranty: 30-days  refund/ return policy, 3 years warranty

This racing chair is the best alternative for Shroud’s chairs both in terms of performance and appearance. This gaming chair has a sturdy build made of a high-quality frame and cushioning material that can endure prolonged hours of use.

The GTOmega Racing chair features an adjustable lumbar and back support. Its back can be easily adjusted to several positions and angles.

The chair’s back has a comfortable curvature filled with high quality cushioning that feels comfy on the back even when leaning backward.

This chair also features lumbar and head pillows that add a touch of extra cushioning, especially to heavy users. These two are firm and might feel uncomfortable on the first try, but after a couple of hours, the experience gets better.

The GTOmega Racing Chair can easily be customized to fit any user’s body physics by adjusting its height as well as the height of its armrests.

The process of assembling and using this product is greatly simplified in an easy to follow instruction manual shipped together with the chair.

  • Material: Metal frame, PU leather
  • Product dimensions: 20.9 x 21.3 x 52 inches
  • Lumbar and headrest pillow: yes
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degree
  • Adjustable backrest: 90-170 degree
  • Max weight capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Warranty: 30-days  refund/ return policy, Up to 2 years warranty

The GT Racing Gaming chair is by far the closest Shroud’s gaming chair budget replacement as it offers great features at a rather throw away price.

It is also one of the best selling gaming chairs on Amazon with a lot of positive reviews from users.

You can customize this chair to get a comfortable fit by adjusting its height as well as a backrest to your liking.

What I love most about this product is its ability to support a lot of weight up to 300 lbs. This feature makes it a great product for heavy gamers who also need extra space. However, the product’s design needs a little bit of improvement as the use of a plastic base is unsafe.

Unlike most other gaming chairs, the GTRacing Gaming chair is easy to assemble and does not require technical experience to put it together.

In case of any challenges, while using this chair, you can always contact their reliable 24/7 customer service, who will gladly help you.

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