Logitech to buy Streamlabs, our favorite streaming software, for $89 million

One of the most popular streaming software for Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook. , Streamlabs is being purchased by tech-giant Logitech near about $89 million.

Streamlabs is an essential streaming app that allows users to configure your stream in a professional way, you can choose a different kind of graphical overlays, manage alerts, accept donations, and many more.

In a recent article, Streamlabs co-founder told users Streamlabs will certainly remain to support all software and hardware that it does today, and it will be free to utilize. They also said that Logitech’s resources will help the team to develop much more tools in the future. It’s still not clear why Logitech agreed on that deal. In a post, Streamlabs stated that 70% of Twitch users utilize their software.

Source, PC Gamer


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