KillaBee Gaming Chair Review 2021 – Is It Worth Your Money?


KillaBee chairs are perfect for both gaming and office work. With a fair price ranging from $146 to $269, you can grab one of these iconic chairs and have the best gaming experience you can get.

Our Rating: 4.5


KillaBee began as a manufacturer of office chairs (founded in 2001) and later specialized in the manufacturing of gaming chairs.  

They are one of the oldest and well-established brands that have managed to stand the test of time on the market due to their endless line of high-end ergonomic gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs play a crucial role in keeping you healthy in the long run and help you maintain a good sitting position, especially if you are a gamer who plays games for long periods. This helps you to avoid backaches and muscle strains caused by poor posture

Many gaming chairs are highly-priced, but that is not the case with the KillaBee gaming chairs. Their chairs are comfortable, durable, highly customizable, and above all, affordable

In this KillaBee gaming chair review, I will review some of the outstanding features that make the chairs the best choice for any gamer. Also, I am going to discuss the two most popular gaming chairs by KillaBee.

Key Features of KillaBee Gaming Chairs

KillaBee Chair Review
KillaBee Gaming Chair Review

High-quality components and materials

All KillaBee gaming chairs are made using reliable, top quality, and durable materials.

For instance, the seats are covered with high-end PU leather that is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and comfy. This provides a soft touch on all KillaBee chairs.

The base of the chair is made using rust-proof heavy-duty metals to support weight up to 440lbs.

If you are a plus-size gamer, KillaBee has your best interest in their hearts, and any of their chairs will meet your expectations.

The lumbar support and headrest pillows are made using soft memory foam for ultimate comfort.


Most of the parts in KillaBee gaming chairs are adjustable, and you can customize to meet your needs. Some of the parts you can adjust include; backrest, armrest, and height of the chair.

Most of the KillaBee backrest design allows up to 155-degree reclination; the latest models can be reclined up to 175 degrees.

A good number of their chairs also have a rocking function with a locking system.

KillaBee chair 175 degree Recline

KillaBee has ensured that you will get nothing short of ultimate comfort when it comes to armrests. Their armrests are made using sturdy aluminum alloy.

Also, they are wider and ergonomically designed to be extremely adjustable, you are certain to find a configuration that best suits you.

The lift mechanism used in KillBee chairs is the Class 3 heavy-duty gas piston that can support up to 200kg or 440lbs

You will love it when you find out that these control mechanisms are easy to control and readjust. All the multi-tilt mechanisms in KillBee chairs are certified for strength and durability according to ISO standards.

Lumbar support and headrest pillows

Sitting on a chair for a long time could adversely affect your health, such as back pain.

For this reason, all KillaBee gaming chairs come with adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillows.

KillaBee Headrest and Lumbar Pillow

Also, the 9015 series chairs have lumbar supports equipped with an electric massager to offer instant relief of backaches and to relieve any stiff muscles at the touch of a button.

The headrest pillow offers additional support to your neck by encouraging an upright spine position.

High backrest

High backrest is one of the selling points of KillaBee gaming chairs. All KillaBee chairs come with a high backrest that reduces the risk of back pains and neck pressure

The high backrest design offers natural support to the spine’s curve and provides enough depth to support your lower back and eliminate any back pains.

Their big and tall gaming chairs which include a high backrest that support a maximum height of 6’4″


KillaBee gaming chairs are one of the easiest to assemble, and it takes an average of 20 minutes to set them up.

They all come with an instruction manual containing a video tutorial and guide that outlines the step-by-step process of assembling the chair. 

If you encounter any problem while assembling the chair, you can always reach out to their support team via email for further assistance.

Return Policy & Warranty

KillaBee offers a 30-day return policy. Plus, all KillaBee gaming chairs come with a one year warranty.

What We Like about KillaBee Gaming Chairs

What We Don’t Like about KillaBee Gaming Chairs

Here is what users are saying after using KillaBee Gaming Chair for several months:

Here are some reviews from verified customers confirming that KillaBee gaming chairs are the best in the market.

From what you will see, everyone has something good to say about the brand’s chair.

I have chronic back pain and had been looking for a chair that would allow me to sit comfortably for extended periods of time. This chair is perfect and feels like it was custom made for me. I’m 5’11” and 300+lbs this chair is supportive and solid! Highly recommend.


This is the best value chair you can find. There are are no other chairs in this price range with adjustable arm heights, which was a requirement for my new chair. I am glad I bought this when I did!


I weigh almost 300 pounds and this chair is sturdy enough to support me even in reclining position. Took me a whole week to arrive but it was definitely worth it.


“The 8247 is amazing. Assembly is fairly simple. Adjustments are easily made. The comfort is phenomenal…Three months in and very happy with the purchase.”


“I was disappointed that the chair sold out before I could get one, but I decided to reach out to Killabee and inquire if they would be restocking before I looked elsewhere. They confirmed that it would be back in stock within a couple of weeks, so I waited. I’m definitely glad I did. My son absolutely loves this chair. I was impressed with the quality as I was putting it together, as it rivals the quality of my much more expensive office chairs.”

and there’s more…


KillaBee Gaming Chair Reviews

The market is filled with plenty of KillaBee gaming chairs; thus, choosing the best for you can be a bit challenging.

I have taken the liberty to review two of the best chairs manufactured by the KillaBee brand.

KillaBee 9015 Series – Budget-friendly (Under $170)

  • Material: Metal frame, PU leather, high-density sponge
  • Product dimensions: 27.6 x 27.1 x 48.4- 51.2 inches
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degree
  • Adjustable backrest: 90-175 degree
  • Max weight capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Recommended height: 5’6″ – 5’9″
  • Color options: black, grey, blue, red
  • Additional features: Adjustable footrest, USB electric massager

The 9015 model is made with high-quality materials to last long. Its sleek and modish design is perfect for both gaming and office use. 

This gaming chair has either grey, blue, or red color running along with each ergonomically designed component, which will make your gaming area look vibrant.

It features a retractable footrest where you can rest your foot. The high backrest can be reclined from 90 to 175 degrees, giving you four modes; work, reading, watching movies, and resting mode.

The adjustable lumbar support is equipped with an electric massager with the following benefits; improves blood circulation in the lumbar region, relaxes the muscles, and offers pain relief in the lower back caused by poor posture.

The chair’s base is made using a heavy-duty metal frame fitted with 360-degree smooth-running castors to offer maximum flexibility and stability.

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KillaBee 8247 Series - Big and tall gaming chair

  • Material: PU leather, high-density sponge, steel frame
  • Weight Capacity: 440 Pounds
  • Height capacity: 6’4″
  • Dimensions: 27 (W) x 27.1 (D) x 51 (H) inches
  • Lumbar pillow: Yes
  • Headrest pillow: Yes
  • Adjustable back angle: 90-155 degree
  • More features: 4D armrests, explosion-proof gas spring, 360-degree swivel

The phrase ‘big and tall gaming chair’ simply means that this gaming chair is designed for taller and heavier people. And this has been made possible because of the sturdy parts used in the manufacturing process.

Every single component used in building this chair is top of the shelf. The high-quality PU leather is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and, most importantly, durable.

The chair can support up to 440 lbs. The chair’s design incorporates a heavy-duty mechanism which allows it to support a significant amount of weight and still offer height adjustment and tilt tension.

The 8247 model features a 4D armrest padded and can be moved up & down, left & right, forward & backward, and tilted either inwards or outwards for ultimate comfort. 

This top of the line gaming chair is designed with a high backrest and an extra-wide back seat for ergonomic support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are KillaBee chairs good?

Ans:  Of course, yes, they are by far the best gaming chairs for both gamers and office workers. Their designs are customer-oriented. Also, they are comfy, durable, and highly adjustable to cater to all your needs.

How long does KillaBee take to ship?

Ans: Currently, the 3-day shipping is not available due to the COVID outbreak; all shipments will be delayed 4-5 days. Although they still offer free shipping services to all their products shipped to the USA, Germany, and Canada.

How do you assemble a KillaBee gaming chair?

Ans: Included in the package is an instruction manual with a detailed assembly video and guide. The manual contains step by step guidelines and safety measures to adhere to while setting up and using your chair.

What is the KillaBee warranty policy?

Ans: All KillaBee gaming chairs come with a one year warranty. The brand will repair/replace chairs that are defective due to workmanship only if the duration is within one year from the date of purchase.

What's the relation between KillaBee, VON, and FantasyLab chairs?

Ans: They sell all the 3 brand chairs. KillaBee is their primary brand. They created VON chairs that are affordable enough for beginners. Fantasylab brand is their high-end gaming chairs that are suitable for tall and heavy gamers.  

Conclusion - KillaBee Gaming Chair Review

At the end of the day, the KillaBee brand carries the day, they are known to produce reliable top of the line gaming chairs

I highly recommend any KillaBee gaming chair; they both allow you to sit for long without any discomfort by supporting proper posture.

If you are running low on budget, I highly endorse the KillaBee 9015 gaming chair. It comes at an affordable price and is just as functional, comfy, and durable as other high-priced gaming chairs.

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