GTRacing VS DXRacer – Comparison, Differences & Which one is Better?

I’m taking a look at two of the very best chairs on the market to find out an answer to the all-important question: Which one is better?

I’ll be ranking the GTRacing chairs alongside the DXRacer range across loads of performance factors – from build quality to comfort, value, and everything in-between.

What’s fascinating is that these are two similar-looking chairs at either end of the price range, with the DXRacer costing roughly twice the price of the GTRacing chair.

Both are racing-style chairs with almost identical designs and color schemes, and both chairs have received tons of positive reviews, too.

So, will the DXRacer be worth the extra money? Or will the GTRacing chair prove that its great value can’t be beaten?

Let’s find out!


The GTRacing chair and the DXRacer are very closely matched, with the DXRacer providing a better build quality and design. Nevertheless, the GTRacing chair proved its value with the best comfort, customizability, user reviews, and a much better price.

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GTRacing or DXRacer – Which One Should You Choose?

So which chair is better? In this section, I’ll break down the performance of each chair across a range of criteria.

Both of these brands are reputable names within the gaming chair industry.

Founded in 2005, GTRacing is a Chinese company made up of expert designers, engineers, and above all else; hardcore gamers – so you’d expect them to know what they’re doing!

GTRacing promises value, sturdy design, and comfort as the bare minimum standard with their products.

DXRacer, founded in 2001 out of Michigan, USA, originally manufactured car seats, but soon realized the market potential in gaming chairs.

They claim to be the first and original brand of the modern gaming chair, with ‘premium’ products that are the favorite choice of esports gamers across the globe.

With the differences in pricing, you would expect this to be an area where the DXRacer beats the GTRacing chair, and it does. Though not by much.

The DXRacer comes with a sturdy design, featuring a tough vinyl mesh material alongside PU leather that should last for years.

There’s a quality high-density foam padding too, although it is a bit thin in some areas of the chair – specifically around the headrest.

This chair features more metal components than the GTRacing chair, with an aluminum base, metal frame, and metal armrests.

The GTRacing chair features a plastic armrest construction, although the GTRacing does have metal components in the most important places (like the frame).

The GTRacing chair still has some impressive build quality for its price range. Whilst its base is made of plastic, this is at least a robust hard plastic.

The foam padding on the seat may appear too thin at first but is in fact sturdy enough for an average build person. The smooth PU leather is more supple than what can be found on the DXRacer chair (though not as tough).

The only other criticism of the GTRacing chair is that it squeaks more than the DXRacer, but this is to be expected for a chair that costs so little.

Build Quality – Winner = DXRacer

GTRacing vs DXRacer - Comfort

The GTRacing chair is surprisingly comfortable and supportive. Much like the DXRacer series, GTRacing chairs come with an ergonomic design across the seat and backrest.

This works to hug your back and legs, keeping you supported for longer periods of time. As mentioned before the foam padding appears thin, but is plenty thick enough to keep you supported when sitting on this chair.

The PU leather is smoother than the DXRacer’s vinyl material, and this is the one area of comfort where the GTRacing chair is better.

The problem with the GTRacing chair is the small size of the seat, which could be too tight-fitting for you if you are a larger built person.

As for the DXRacer, this is a comfortable chair. The seat padding is slightly thicker than on the GTRacing chair and more firm (and comfortable) as a result.

The armrests are also rubber padded which is a bonus, though the GTRacing chair is more comfortable in every other area from here onwards.

The DXRacer’s padding around the headrest is too sparse and relies on the head cushion to make it more comfortable. The vinyl material on the DXRacer is also too rough.

Overall, the GTRacing chair just shades it in terms of comfort.

Comfort – Winner = GTRacing

GTRacing vs DXRacer - Customizability and Accessories

Both of these chairs feature essentially the same accessories, with each chair offering head and lumbar cushions as standard.

I prefer GTRacing’s cushions. They’re the perfect size to fit your back and neck and are really comfortable.

The DXRacer’s cushions are also comfortable but are a bit harder to adjust than the GTRacing’s cushions.

In terms of customizability, both chairs offer good options when changing your seating position.

The DXRacer offers a lockable tilt angle (which the GTRacing chair cannot), along with 130° of recline angle, height adjustment, a rocking feature, and 4D armrests (that’s right, 4D!)

The GTRacing chair still offers great adjustment here, however, and whilst it lacks tilt locking, you can still rock back in this chair, along with a far better recline angle of 170°.

With 3D armrests and height adjustability too, the GTRacing outperforms the DXRacer in this section.

Customizability and Accessories – Winner = GTRacing

GTRacing vs DXRacer - Design

The GTRacing chair and the DXRacer both have a really similar racing car seat appearance.

They even have an almost identical color scheme, with black as a primary base color, and then a secondary color layered around the edges of the backrest and seat. 

Both of these chairs offer similar options in terms of color.

Each brand offers 5 color options, though the DXRacer is slightly less inspiring, with 3 of its options only consisting of black, white, or grey.

The other two colors are blue and red, which GTRacing also has – along with an additional color in purple.

I think both chairs look good, but the DXRacer is sleeker with its design. There is better detailing around the lower backrest and seating area, with colored piping that runs along its edges.

The DXRacer also has a simpler look than the GTRacing chair, and I believe that makes its appearance more striking.

Design – Winner = DXRacer

GTRacing vs DXRacer - Pricing

With both of these brands producing chairs at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum, the winner of this section was always going to boil down to which chair delivers better value for its price.

Does the GTRacing chair perform better than its $170 price tag? Or is the DXRacer so much better than it’s worth the extra $120?

I believe the DXRacer is the slightly better chair in terms of quality, but I don’t think it is fair enough ahead of the GTRacing chair to justify its price.

That being said, the GTRacing chair outperforms its price tag by a long way. Although you are still buying a budget chair with some plastic parts, the build quality and comfort of this chair are very good for their price.

In my opinion, the DXRacer is a little bit pricey. For a chair that is not entirely different from the GTRacing chair, it costs over $100 more. For that reason, GTRacing wins this section.

Pricing – Winner = GTRacing

GTRacing vs DXRacer - Warranty

GTRacing and DXRacer both offer a warranty with their products, and you can expect a fair deal with these brands.

GTRacing employs a ‘no questions asked warranty policy, whereby GTRacing will take full responsibility for a faulty product within one year of purchase.

Online buyers and subscribers can get a 2-year warranty with GTRacing products.

DXRacer offers a 2-year warranty on chair parts and a lifetime warranty on the steel frame itself.

Whilst both warranties are good, GTRacing cannot provide the same lifetime guarantee that DXRacer can. It’s for this reason that DXRacer has a better warranty than GTRacing.

Warranty – Winner = DXRacer

GTRacing vs DXRacer - User Reviews

GTRacing and DXRacer chairs have both received a whole host of positive reviews online.

Both brands are well rated on their amazon listings, however, the GTRacing chair’s popularity is breathtaking here.

The GTRacing chair is the number 1 bestseller on Amazon and has over 16,000 user reviews. 74% of these gave the chair 5 stars, citing value for money as a big reason they loved this chair.

The DXRacer had just 82 reviews, and with a lower amount of user reviews, 81% of these gave the chair 5 stars.

That’s great, though on sites like Trustpilot the DXRacer did not score as well as the GTRacing chair.

That’s not to say that the DXRacer isn’t a really popular chair. With over 6 million customers worldwide, DXRacer is one of the biggest selling brands out there.

But the overwhelming number of positive reviews online make the GTRacing my choice as the winner of this section.

User Reviews – Winner = GTRacing

Our Pick

GTRacing and DXRacer have both produced great chairs. Even so, one of these chairs did come out on top.

The DXRacer provided the best design and build quality of the two chairs, with these being two of the most important things you look for in a gaming chair. Not to mention a great lifetime warranty on the frame.

Nonetheless, the GTRacing chair was not far behind in these sections, and these chairs were closely matched in a lot of different ways.

In my opinion, the best chair is the GTRacing chair.

This is because it has great features, fantastic comfort, and a price that is really cheap for the product you are getting. It’s the most popular chair on Amazon for a good reason.

The DXRacer is still an awesome chair but just fell behind with its pricing.

Before you buy, I want you to remember that these are two of the best chairs on the market. Whichever one of these chairs you choose, you can be certain you’re getting a product that you will enjoy using for hours.

I hope this comparison has helped!

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